May 22, 2009

Ben & Shuyi

Benjamen Wu & Xie Shuyi.16th May 2009.Singapore.
decided to post new pictures.I found a better monotone style.More awesome pictures here & here

thank you Ben & Shuyi for the opportunity.Thank you Mei Ling.special thanks to dearest hubby & Rintis Images.

ps: jin if u're reading this, i'll bug u soon!

May 15, 2009

Under the blardy hot sun

Patong Beach
Not end of the vacation pic yet.there's more, i promise.did some color correction.not your cup of tea?too bad.

May 12, 2009

Island retreat

Patong Beach, Phuket.
Scorching hot. windy.loads of SPF PA +++.dozed off by the beach for 2 hrs.heaven.I wish I could do that every day.minus the kulit hitam

May 8, 2009


Day 2 : Patong Beach, Phuket
I'm too lazy to resize the bigger pic.


Day 1 : Patong Beach, Phuket
Them, the local kids and the playground by the beach.

May 5, 2009

It come and It goes

its beautifully made.the music.the direction.the listening while working, opposite of my usual screamo playlist.

you SHOULD watch.I kid you not.

there's more here. in case if you're wondering, the main cast is Nong Toom, the Beautiful Boxer.

ps: main reason why I think its a beautiful video apart from the reasons above is because, I'm glad she found herself. She, used to be he struggled to be what she is today, you should watch The Beautiful Boxer before this video and you'll understand. I'm Muslim and we knew it's a sin but push that aside, I think she deserves a good life. It's good to see she's comfortable with her new life. I just came back from Phuket, precisely Patong beach and if you've been there you'll know how it feels to be surrounded by the ladyboys every single day & you'll definitely question yourself (I know I did!).

I'm glad Nong Toom has a normal routine like us, and without selling herself. I've been following her story, back when she was he. Yes that long, back before The Beautiful Boxer, back when he was still himself with short hair,manly built body plus the make up.It stirred a havoc back then as I remember, she was a pretty boy.

I'm glad I found this.I really do.The only regret I have is, not capturing good shots of the children,the ladyboys, the people while I was there for 5 days.I want to go there again, and this capture their faces perfectly on my lenses.