September 18, 2009

my own pinky

It took a few times before I liked Big Fish!higly imaginative, my puny lil brain cudnt understand at first its a FAV!

how could a man be a fish? wht??oh..okayyyy i get it (after 3rd time)

ps: normally i would hate to register for any networking sites tho i hav my own FB (you may laugh).but this plinky rocks.cause it has random questions and i love yea, random post till i get back my hands on a brand new hands are itchy to snap

September 17, 2009


is flies really really fast.faster than your fart.note, that's an exaggeration, its my own metaphor.hell, I'm not Oscar Wilde.this kid here starts eating like 2 weeks ago, so the mom said.see, told you time flies.oh am loving every moment of solitary over this side of the country tho i worry too much sometimes since i'm far away from the dad & brothers.