September 9, 2011

thank you,Papa

Fathers have such sad existence.They are unable to hold a candle to a mother's love should a father live & what should he leave behind for his children.
ちょっとだけ寂しいけど、その時まで。。。ありがとう、パパ。さようなら。(It's going to be a little lonely but..until then,thank you Papa.goodbye)

a friend did not believe me when I told her I cried over a drama series. I am capable of crying over fiction stories, though never on a drama.I hardly watch melodrama, that is.This is slightly easy to cry over, it involved hospital & a father's love.Two things that made me miss my papa.
 who would've thought goofy Onizuka sensei could act in a serious drama & cried.The fact that I'd dedicate a post on this drama proved it was a good, tearful watch.Even the hubby could not bear to see it after a long day work.

August 16, 2011


did u know..I love rain & my latest obsession now is tin toy?

July 15, 2011


right.this post is just to remind silly me that I have not completed any of these within the time span: 2 weeks. More so in the sketchbook.Have you been in a situation where you have ideas pouring in but once you start, you tend to forget how you imagined it to be & so you move to a new one which probably excites you more.Silly isn't it? my resolution for this year is to update my portfolio with more variety & stuff, style which shows my strength in design.

ps: ahuh.looks like I have more works to be done.crap.It's all over the place..blehh :|

July 1, 2011

the censored post

the 200 year old ukiyo-e

you know, I know 'what'

Japan map & the beast

I can't resist putting the 'censored' image.I find it's a bit amusing.Ever since the latest single came out a few days ago, I can't stop watching the video.It became an early morning routine, that and the song on loop all day long (it helps masking out the annoying voice of your team mate too - bonus)

I think I haven't felt like this in a while, not since the epic 9 minutes long video of Vinushka 2 years ago.PV aside, the song is addictive.As I tweeted - ear-orgasm (excuse for the lack choice of words here).This is by far, my favourite single by Dir en grey this year.Lotus & Hageshisa to, Kono Mune no Naka de Karamitsuita Shakunetsu no Yami are not really addictive compare to Different Sense(for me).As stupid as this sound to me, I ordered the last 2 singles before it came out but I didn't this time.Maybe I should.Or just grab the $200 worth album in August.end story.

I didn't know why everyone was making a big fuss over the video.Comments like "oh noes tentacle pron in Dir en grey's latest" didn't sound fishy to me.So I was naive.Googled.

tada.(curious much? just Google 'The dream of the Fisherman's wife')

so now I know.The video is not a pretty sight.Not gory like Obscure was though.As always, there must be a reason behind this.Dir en grey is the only band I know that always express their thoughts,their roots in almost every lyrics, video.They might be condemning their own country, the people but it shows the reality can be harsh.They don't agree how things are done in their birthplace.My wild guess is..well, probably revolve around hentai, sexual demeanor of the people.I haven't gotten around to see the translation of the lyric yet.

edit: found the interview!
The interpretation of the music video's story is very subjective. We don't want to push this onto anybody. It is a story that makes us as a band feel something as well. We have worked with the director Hiroyuki Kondo for many years. We started by asking him to listen to the track and then express what he felt, this is where the overall concept for the video came from. Borrowing our director's words "in order to create or express something in Japan now, it is unavoidable for an element of grotesque to not be part of that expression".

"Whether a form of expression is 'harmful' or not is being determined by the values of those in the power, however in Japan now the expression of the view 'the world is beautiful, the future does not change' is actually more harmful, and I don't think there is anything as uninteresting to look at as an expression of the values of those in power."

This is precisely a way of thinking that the band relates to, and we feel this was the right concept.

The experiment.Men created the monster themselves, in the end it destroyed them.That must be one of the subjective, hidden message, I presume.So awesome,awe-inspiring. Makes me want to fly to Japan & beg Mr Hiroyuki Kondo to take me as an apprentice.

June 11, 2011

woke up today feeling out of place.haven't been able to put my thoughts in words, something I'd read again in the future to remind myself to be appreciate kindness.3.11

oh well..perhaps, some time..I shall do so.

April 19, 2011

Tribute to 日本

I never said 'sayonara' (good bye).All I ever said was 'mata ne' (see you soon).For I believe I will return to the place where I have faced my immortality.Even though there was a barrier in language & culture, but it wasn't a problem at all.Thank you for making me felt at home.For taking care of me, calling me endearments which meant for family.For teaching me, no matter what your skin colour,nationalities,background are: looking out for one another is the utmost priority in dire situation.For making me believe, life is too short to dwell in comfort zone & not taking a chance.

Dear Japan, ほんとに。。いろいろありがとうございました。じゃ、またね!

With your mouth wide open
What are you eating tonight?
The dream you hold in your little hands
I'm always here whispering my songs so that they won't shatter it

I hope they reach you

One day you'll become an adult too
And when you'll find your precious person
You'll know the wonder
Of loving and being loved

When you'll wake up, may the widening tomorrow's sky Be full of future

In the rainy days, an umbrella
In the sunny days, a smile

Always be happy

One day even for you there will be times you'll feel lonely alone
Or nights you'll feel anxious about everything

If you look up, the future will always be there, in the sky you've always been looking at

And when, one day, you'll have someone to protect too

Then sing in your turn
That happiness really is in the smallest things


March 29, 2011

memory of Studio Ghibli

my Totoro puzzles!
some were given to friends who adore Ghibli too.That's my Tamago Hime (Egg Princess)
Totoro says "Yokoso, konnichiwa!" at the gate.
This, was magical.I stared at it for good ol 15 minutes, maybe more.everything moves!
Neko/cat bus.Sadly I wasn't permitted to play in it sigh.
ok I missed this spot!damn
Jiji sitting on the pipe.
my version of Laputa robot.
the postcard ver
one of Miyazaki sensei's room.this is where the man brought our fav characters to life.
poster that I got.
details on windows.
inside the museum.
some of the stuff I hauled.
the ticket.this comes with a free short film screening, it was Mr Dough & Egg Princess.I regret not getting the book!argh!
damage that was done..uhm more than that actually.I regret not getting more :(
Totoro that accompanied me all the way from Tokyo back to Spore.He's sitting with me while I'm typing this.

This post is dedicated to my memory in Studio Ghibli, Mitaka, Japan.

Hayao Miyazaki sensei, thank you for your stories that keep us alive.Joe Hisaishi-san, thank you for creating beautiful melody that goes along with our imagination.Studio Ghibli, thank you for the memories.

Listening to Joe Hisaishi's Kaze no Toori Michi (Path of Wind) while typing this, imagining the big tree grows, Totoro, Satsuki & Mei chanting (sort of) together in my mind. Totoro is an icon in Japan.People of all ages, from all walks of life knew this imaginary creature created by Hayao Miyazaki.Some people would say Studio Ghibli is an Asian answer to West Walt Disney.Could be true but I chose not to compare these two, both produced great films that accompanied most of us while growing up.No doubt, I'd choose Studio Ghibli anytime of the day.I chose to visit Studio Ghibli instead of Tokyo Disneyland.March 11, 2011: the day the disaster happened in Northern Japan, shaken people of Japan.

From my observation after the tour, Hayao Miyazaki is:
: a heavy smoker, a coffee drinker.The ashtray was full with cigarette butts.Coffee at his drawing table.Some snacks, peanuts and mints.Like those sore throat mints in tin boxes.
: a reader, or person who collects books.He has like dozens & dozens of books, from gardening to military, revolution et cetera.Some scene from My Neighbour Totoro, which Satsuki's & Mei's father room will explains best how Miyazaki's room looks like.
: there were many books laying around.I thought I'd see only books in just a room, I was wrong.More books in other rooms piled up.I'd like to stay there & read all those books.
: he probably collects, for not wanting to waste the pencils that he used.There was a big jar of those short pencils.I do not know what you call those..
: all his sketches, drawings, watercolour jars,tubes,brushes were up for display.I was playing with Miyazaki sensei's drawing tools!*sniffles*
:He snapped photos from his traveling days.There were few photo albums contained, like details on gates, mirrors etc.This inspires me to do so, research.
: there were photo frames & photos of European from ..I do not know what era.I guess it's safe to say, some of his works are influenced by European arts/revolution.Like say, in Howl's Moving Castle & Kiki's Delivery Service.
: will add once I remember more..

As photography weren't allowed in the museum, I bought some postcards and snapped pictures of it for you to see how the museum looks like.I remember reading somewhere, reason why photography aren't allowed is because Miyazaki wants the visitors to pay attention to the details and let your brain absorb things you see and imprint it in your mind instead.Guess it works.Most of the time I was in awe how the tiny little details that were put together to bring all these creatures alive even though it's just figures and not real life mascot like you see in Disneyland/Universal Studio.I will definitely return to this place in the future & meet Totoro at the reception.(forgotten to snap pic of Totoro as I ran into the museum instead and missed him sigh).If you have the chance, please do visit this place.I cannot describe how awesome the experience was (add earthquake, mind you).The ticket will only cost you 1000Yen.When you in Japan, head to Lawson.Better yet, get your Japanese friend to do for you (was lucky a friend helped) or the staff.Details here:

When you're there, pay attention to the tiniest details.Everything is so well assembled together, I might have missed a few stuff.From the entrance, to windows, sink, chair etc.


edit: if you're planning to go, get the tickets as soon as possible.Might be impossible if it's a weekend.I got my tickets 3 days earlier, for Friday but my friend had trouble to get me the earlier time slot because it was sold out.You'll be surprised when you see the crowd, most of them were local.From little kids as young as 3 to adults.