March 31, 2009

this is not a rant/ramblings/dear diary entry.I needed to mark the date!

the day that I will always remember.Had a chat with idol, which lasted for awhile.(literally..I talked to her agent and he translated to her).And she asked her agent to snap a picture of us together.I was being silly tho..hubby did say that as well.Nervous around her which sounds funny as hell..heck she's only 1 yr older (and she's a female!). Felt intimidated by her reputation & talent, not her height.Didn't introduce myself..bah :| !oh well, despite the crappy morning, I had fun towards the end (minus sore throat and dehydration).Apart from mydreamcametruethatimet Aya Kato,I had the chance to ask opinions from Mr Jackson Tan & Mr Felix Ng, had a brief chat with Nathalie Fallaha (Hanie likes her hair) > check out her work!I've never came across good designers from the Middle East, this is totally exciting & neat stuff.I know I know, I'm such an ignorant, that part of the world never appeals to me that much except Morocco.

But I missed Shun Kawakami's appearance, he was part of yesterday's class (freaking expensive!).I'm glad that I saved munny (that's money in Kingdom Hearts language) for the event, which sacrificed lepaking with friends & restrain myself from shop.

visuals soon soon!

thanks for readin,g I know this is pure crap :D hell, it's my thoughts so sheesh.

ps : some random thoughts.If Italians can have Japanese nicknames, eg: Director Kobayashi & Tokidoki, why can't we? we are Asians after all!:D

March 29, 2009


its an awesome day.I wish I've brought my camera.I wish I had some cash laying around my bag..too bad.all in all, it's still awesome and inspiring.

one of my fav Studio 4C work/Hikki's pv.(I didnt know Fluximation was part of Koji-sensei's work tsk tsk ignorant betul!) I have the whole collection, email me if you want the video.

Utada Hikaru's Passion

ps: I'm sorry but KLDW team sucks big embarassement!

March 27, 2009

1000 tentacles

no pic related post, thought I'd share an awesome blog of a local artist.He's known as Puyuh in Gempak mag.Creepy but cool likey!!!!!here you go clicky-clicky, send him some love.

ps: another local artist which I admire, "Puppeteer".can't find his blog/site, if there's any hmm..

March 26, 2009


found this pic while cleaning up the folders.i liked this shot, cause of the motion.o wht the hell, nothing too great or fancy about this shot.anyway, taken with a normal digicam.

the guy in green is my cousin, the brat from Clementi haha coughcough.we are so "close", ever since we were in the wombs!yes that "close", which irritates everyone surround us.pffffttttt

March 24, 2009

its here!weeeeee~

it's end of March.3 things I'm looking forward to till April/May

Kuala Lumpur Design Week
Aya Kato will be in town!cant wait to see her!ok that sounds i'm not a lesbian.Studio 4C, Shun Kawakami, Black Design, Director Kobayashi,Troika + some well-known designers that I've never heard of haha coughcough.I GOT THE TICKETS !Basheer been generous, they gave 1 free ticket for the International Design Forum.2 tixs for the price of 1.awesomeness!plus I still have my student ID hah!double awesomeness [I've watched Kung Fu Panda too many times].yay me!! *does a happy dance ala Agumon* [don't tell me you've never heard of Agumon!]

*1st pic belongs to Aya Kato/*

Nadiya & Jalil's wedding
these 2 dear friends are getting married! :) woohoo!!counting the days...cant wait to see Abdul's face that night tralalala~

The Lion City
right, I dont have any shot of the Merlion, sue me.

oh right, the hubby will be back before the wedding.crap that means end of me conquering the bed!tsk tsk

ps: THANK YOU HANIE!see u see u!

March 21, 2009

am sleepy

I'm so not inspired to work.I must stop listening to Kyo's voice, or I'll cry.but its tired seeing jungles, I need to see concrete jungles.I think I need drugs hmmm...

March 19, 2009

Funny face of the day

I realized there's alot of funny silly faces while organizing my pictures.So here you go, the first victim is my brother.His hair reminds me of Moe from The Three Stooges , don't you think so? He must've think it's cute tsk tsk.

March 17, 2009


I dont like my picture taken!grr...

The newcomer of the house.Meet 'Huhu', the newborn.Her cries woken me up this morning tsk tsk tsk.When I came close to her, she farted and it was loud for that puny body of hers..great :|.No wonder no one was around.

I liked the 1st pic coughcough..whats your +fav?

ps: pictures of lil Huhu/Shasha/Humaira for her dear uncle, 'Cik Litt'

notice the nicknames? Huhu was given by her so-called handsome uncle sheeshh!

March 16, 2009


good luck on your 1st day at job dearest!am proud of you!will upload more photos when I'm done with the workload.toodles~

March 14, 2009


End of the World, Feringhi, Penang

am hungry.cant you tell? its raining, its pouring and i'm craving for my comfort food, hot steamy miso soup.ahhh and Miyagi is very near *drool*

if u happen to be in Penang, drop by the restaurant.yup, that's the name. ya they all enjoyed their coconut drink very much tsk tsk.

March 12, 2009


Clarke Quay,Singapore. Dec 2008.

the hubby left for a new life,new job down the south china sea yesterday by the crappy ol plane.i'll be joining him, pretty soon.25 this yr and still nowhere.shit.i wish for a better prospect over there.amin. i'm sorry, but i have to leave the comfort zone.the air here is choking me.

cant wait to shoot some random people on the street of clarke quay again.

turn me into a memory and head to the new ocean, somehow this comforts me.Thank you Kyo.

undecided (dir en grey)

Turn me into a memory and head to the new ocean
I wish you happiness from the heart
There is happiness behind the tears

but behind the tears
you are not there