January 18, 2011


Pledge single album art.Loving the 3 designs for the cover art, but I can't buy all the same singles for the art, can I?

the J-Dorama shot

Clever scene.The two guitarists in 1 scene, Uruha is reflected on the mirror.
Sort of advertisement for Ruki's latest necklace design.Yes he's a designer.
I don't like Ruki in here.He's prettier than me *coughcough*

First post for 2011.I hardly have the time anymore, but keeping myself occupied is good.For 2011, I want to work harder.I'm not content with my achievement so far - not that I've achieved anything tremendously huge anyways.

The Gazette's latest single Pledge has the Japanese dorama essence.If I'm not wrong Aoi tweeted the female is indeed an actress.Oh well.Not really my cup of tea but I'm not complaining since it's black & white!The contrast of the pv is really intense, my favourite.Guess it works for the dramatic scenes.Probably Ruki has something to do with the colour theme as well - which designer doesn't like the black & white theme? (though an acquaintance who's a painter claimed monochrome isn't colour (-_-)

The cover art are too pretty that I had a crazy idea of buying them all.Things with the Japanese music industry, they'll make a hole in your wallet.They'll come up with 3-4 versions of a single, or album at a time.Of course it depends on the budget but it could really turn you into a greedy fan (like me).Things you would do to spend your hard earned cash sigh.Someone will definitely make a huge fuss if I order all 3 at a time, no price for guessing!

It's still January so : Happy New Year everyone.あけましておめでとうございます!