February 15, 2011

can you hear it? eye candy

for an almost 5 minutes pv, with Inoran's good looks I could stare at it without blinking.wait, let me rephrase that.He didn't need to spend a lot of money for a pv, just him & a headphone.Of course it only works if you're as handsome as Inoran.He's probably around 35 yrs old when he shot this? He'll be 41 yrs old this yr..ah geez.

I swear he's the only man who could pull off nose stud.Normally it looks yucky on guys..

February 1, 2011


Happy Birthday Matsumoto Takanori @ Ruki. (as usual, pic stolen from Google)

a random conversation with an uncle at the photo shop in not-too-bad Singlish.

Uncle: ah your company send you overseas for work?
: huh? *ponders* oh, of course not lar Uncle!
Uncle: why not? then going on your own?
: yea my own savings.(haha)I'm not that good that they'll send me on a business trip.
Uncle: don't say like that lar.You'll never know, it will happen one day.

strikes me hard, there and then.Thank you Uncle, that totally made me realize "why not?".Ah well, jotting this down so I could remember.