November 6, 2009

lo & behold..

my ever growing wishlist (as for now coughcough).I made a list for the hubby, as he was clueless what to get for me. It's a long list I dare say. He actually brought the list to his office cough cause his colleagues didn't believe I wanted cameras & Jap phones(iphones/androids are boring YAWN).I kid you not. "why the hell she wanted so many cameras for?" I can imagine their looks. Decided to scrap off Leica M7 & D-Lux, back to my original fascination towards M6. I tested, held Leica M6 of 10 yrs, which belonged to a random uncle in a camera shop. Lucky we went to Peninsula that day.thank u, random Uncle.truly.

uncle : (he recommended few cameras but I was more interested with some particular rangefinder/medium format cameras) actually I have this camera for 10 yrs and it's still very good. Probably you can take a look.. die keluarkan the camera, I went..gasps*ZOMG THAT'S M6!terjerit dlm kedai.malu seh,nasib baik tak pengsan.

ps: all hail to DoCoMo NTT. google if u're clueless