March 16, 2010

when someone's wish comes true

Kazuya Kiriaki is one of my idol.His work with ex-wife Hikki never fails to amaze me.Was a photographer, now he's into film too.Reviews about his two films weren't that impressive, have yet to see (I'm hoping it wouldn't crush the impression I had haha).Since I have b&w fetish, this one is my fav too.Loved the details (look at the figurines, the pop-up card.ah).the props.The music is beautiful (as expected from Hikki).I had no words when I watched the making of.Like..holy crap.

かのいがうころ - dareka no negai ga kanau koro

March 4, 2010

coma white

there ya go, this man can act

You were from a perfect world
A world that threw me away today
Today to run away

Contrary to some belief, Manson did have some sad melancholy songs.Yes it's not all about screaming & shouting top of his lungs out.I loved the song, so does the video.It's a rather..funny dramatic one.In fact, according to some info, it's one of the most requested video on MTV.It's a controversial one too, it featured reenactment of assassination of John F Kennedy.That's the part I find funny..Manson can act.Rather diva-ish too.His videos are always thought provoking.
Well, most of it anyways.Not sure about the latest ones.After the "Golden Age of Grotesque", I stopped listening to his new stuff.