May 24, 2010


beautiful aye?

I love the illustration here!the colours are too purdy

By now you should know I'm a Japanophile.Such a big word aye ? Google is your best answer.Or maybe I'm just obsessed with Kazuya Kiriaki's works.The video starts off with beautiful animation from Koji Morimoto.He's an awesome old man!really.[I was grinning like an idiot when we took pictures together.baka ¬¬]

The pv is so so so pretty!freaking love everything about this.The opening sequence.The costumes.Color correction.The choreography - Hikki dances!Oh I'm also obsessed with the song since it's the opening theme for Kingdom Hearts.I couldn't find "the making of" though..I bet I'd cry if I see it.

yours & mine

A far-off memory that's like a scattered dream.I want to line a pieces up
the 3 best friends Kairi dissappears Riku too Sora left with.. Kairi! Kairi..a year later ...Goofy & Donald! don't be fooled, he's your most reliable sidekick with magic! Sora's asleep back again? Roxas awakens tada!puzzles for Roxas
Right.this doesn't count.but might as well post it since I'm in the mood to play the game again.If you're close to me , by now you should've known how much I love these (hint for presents :P).Kingdom Hearts : a collaboration between Disney & Square Enix.All your childhood characters, from Mickey to Alice in a game.The main, Sora is chosen to be the Keyblade master.He's in a quest to search for his two best friends, Riku & Kairi.Join by Goofy & Donald.Both of them are searching for the lost King Mickey (yep, there's Queen Minnie).King Mickey instructed them in a letter "follow the Keyblade bearer".So it began.It's so fun, I always squeal throughout the game.No kidding.Especially when they transform into characters of the Halloween Town (yes Jack Skellington & Co are the residents here) & Pride Land (Lion King, in case if you're that clueless cough)

Some people may think it's childish.No, not really.The characters may seem all cute & cuddly, but the story is turning into rather serious & confusing these days.The plot is quite deep if I may say.When Sora's asleep, his Nobody, Roxas awakes.If you don't understand this Kingdom Hearts talk: Sora's so-called-alter ego Roxas awakes in search of his true self.Roxas awakened when Sora tried to save Kairi...I'll stop or you'll be confuzzled.So basically: friendship.darkness & lightness in hearts.I nearly cried in the end of the game.Yep, that big of influence on me :|

ps: Tetsuya Nomura (character designer for Final Fantasy franchise) is the main creator.I love how the details on their costumes, especially the big zippers!The song "Passion" is the main theme, so yes a double post of the same song.

I'm so gonna get the sequels for NDS & PSP...

May 20, 2010


awwww..pretty isn't she?

how the hell you stay so pretty?
aww he's smiling

love his guitar!so pretty!!
Lately I haven't came across interesting (new)videos.Most of my collection came wayyy back.But this is too pretty not to be shared.We all love pretty things aren't we ? Inoran's videos hardly impressive (except for Shike) but his latest is so aesthetically pleasing to the eye.You get a pretty model & a pretty boy singing.Fine, he's a man.A very pretty man - his wrinkles start to show but still!ahh.I kinda like the color correction, it's soft pastel color thingy is kinda soothing to look at.mmm.. get it?

notice how many times I mentioned 'pretty'?