October 22, 2010


First: excuse the crappy quality.I wish my desktop is here.

Without closing my eyes, I tried chasing the fast moving stream of clouds.
It was scary. When I close my eyes, everything seems to become a lie.
The broken clouds and the gaps between them. The wind screams so they can be connected.
I don't mind a bit of a blur, I'm simply looking in front of me.

Not wavering, just pushing straight on.
If I do that, one day I can catch the clouds.

At the beginning of this unending journey,
even if there's nothing but despair,
On the other side, even if our dreams and wishes are simple,
I want to believe it exists

There's no meaning, no values. Show there's nothing like a useless dream.
Going changing and unchanging, is that our future?
There's nothing I can do but catch it with my hands.

How far can we walk to this destination?
How far have we walked until now?

It's a beautiful song from Miyavi.You don't have to look up for the translation to enjoy the song.The dreamy pv shows what the song is all about.

From pv point of view : keep this in mind, a lady in black moving gracefully is a good aesthetic element in any dreamy themed video.See Chris Cunningham's Frozen (Madonna), Jewel's Foolish Game & Floria Sigismondi's Fighter (Christina Aguilera).My only gripe would be Miyavi's wardrobe.He's being..himself.Fine, the song is about self motivation, he didn't need to be some character out of fantasy book (though it would be nice to have a nice change of clothes, Miyavi-san).The location is perfect too.I'd love to see this scenery myself.As a person who's obsessed with colors - it could be better.But I'm liking what I see so far.

random note: some friends said I haven't been myself lately.I guess it's true.There are subtle changes in myself, not obvious but noticeable.A dear friend said "do whatever you should, for yourself".Another said "you're not the Fairy I know anymore".I'm sorry, I'm still trying.Thank you for your concern..I know you're reading this :)

random rambling of the day: the day I turned 26, the day I said my goodbye to my 25 year old self.My question would be :

what would you do if your dreams stray far away from reality?would you stop chasing or pick up whatever that's left & go down the path again?

Feel free to bombard me.