April 19, 2011

Tribute to 日本

I never said 'sayonara' (good bye).All I ever said was 'mata ne' (see you soon).For I believe I will return to the place where I have faced my immortality.Even though there was a barrier in language & culture, but it wasn't a problem at all.Thank you for making me felt at home.For taking care of me, calling me endearments which meant for family.For teaching me, no matter what your skin colour,nationalities,background are: looking out for one another is the utmost priority in dire situation.For making me believe, life is too short to dwell in comfort zone & not taking a chance.

Dear Japan, ほんとに。。いろいろありがとうございました。じゃ、またね!

With your mouth wide open
What are you eating tonight?
The dream you hold in your little hands
I'm always here whispering my songs so that they won't shatter it

I hope they reach you

One day you'll become an adult too
And when you'll find your precious person
You'll know the wonder
Of loving and being loved

When you'll wake up, may the widening tomorrow's sky Be full of future

In the rainy days, an umbrella
In the sunny days, a smile

Always be happy

One day even for you there will be times you'll feel lonely alone
Or nights you'll feel anxious about everything

If you look up, the future will always be there, in the sky you've always been looking at

And when, one day, you'll have someone to protect too

Then sing in your turn
That happiness really is in the smallest things