September 9, 2011

thank you,Papa

Fathers have such sad existence.They are unable to hold a candle to a mother's love should a father live & what should he leave behind for his children.
ちょっとだけ寂しいけど、その時まで。。。ありがとう、パパ。さようなら。(It's going to be a little lonely but..until then,thank you Papa.goodbye)

a friend did not believe me when I told her I cried over a drama series. I am capable of crying over fiction stories, though never on a drama.I hardly watch melodrama, that is.This is slightly easy to cry over, it involved hospital & a father's love.Two things that made me miss my papa.
 who would've thought goofy Onizuka sensei could act in a serious drama & cried.The fact that I'd dedicate a post on this drama proved it was a good, tearful watch.Even the hubby could not bear to see it after a long day work.

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