June 15, 2010

pretty pretty album art

Muse: Origin of Symmetry [ not a Muse fan but this cover rocks ]
Death Cab for Cutie : Something about Airplanes [ blue is one of my favourite color ]
Bjork : Greatest Hits [ love the quirky illustration! ]
Kannivalism : Helios [ the pic is kinda small but the details are..too awesome to describe.sigh ]
Damien Rice : O [ love the simplicity of the cover ]
Inoran : Watercolor [ awesome photography.it's so pretty that I have to wrap my cd carefully ]
mink : prologue [ I envy people who can do flowy beautiful illustration/vector art ]
mucc : kyuutai [ you can never go wrong with monochrome + red ]
MONO : Hymn to the Immortal Wind [ water is my fav element ]
Dir en grey : Uroboros [ the best cover art by Dir en grey.the details are too..blardy hell! ]

On a second thought, this post is rather bias (towards Japanese designers) eh ? O well..unintended to do so :|

June 12, 2010

かわいい/ kawaii posts

I like this scene!he looks..retarded haha!and what's up with the moustache..


There's 3 prominent male singers on the JRock scene, well only 3 I know of, they certainly have HUGE fangirls base.Inoran doesn't count, there are males idolizing him too.Hyde, Gackt & this guy - Miyavi.JPop obviously has more, but I ...don't care.I never know about this guy's music..all I know his fangirls are among the scariest people on earth (ok I exaggerate but you get the point).I kid you not.His marriage caused major uproar all over the world wide web.Poor fella, his wife is so pretty!...I never liked his ridiculous androgynous image.I don't deny he's ridiculously good looking too - less make up, the better.

So someone on LJ suggested one of his songs to me - oh hey this guy is not bad!I might actually get one of his cds -CDJapan loves me, very much so.He's good, I kinda like his raspy voice.The way he's playing the guitar too..well he has his own style.Anyway, this song is so cute!I'm not sure what's it about..a vampire in love? The best part about the pv, a JRocker playfully dancing along Spanish (somewhat) tune - you don't see that everyday.So now I know why Miyavi's fangirls go crazy over him..that settled my curiosity.I couldn't find what's good about Hyde/Gackt though.

this & boku wa kuma definitely goes into the Ipod, cure for Monday blues : especially in-the-MRT-you-see-unshaven-armpits-to work.oh the horror...

I am a bear

Kuma-chan, pansu!pansu!

argh so cute!je parle francais!

oh my gawd..cuteness overload!*hugs Kuma-chan*

This is Hikki's first song for the children.It's a really really cute song!I'd (actually) sing along whenever the song play!Not kidding..surprise eh that I actually do sing? What a joke..oh hey I memorized the song!

yoru wa “oyasumi, makura-san”
asa wa “ohayou, makura-san”

In the evening "good night Mr Pillow"
In the morning "good morning Mr Pillow"

Hikki owns Kuma-chan & Makura-san.Kuma-chan's rivals are fried shrimps!

- finally after 2 years, I changed the layout.yay!Our leader-sama Kaoru get to be on my banner.(wow)

June 9, 2010

the dorky bassist

I had to post this.The dorkiest of them all...Toshiya-san!I laughed hard when I discovered this gem hidden in the folder.I wonder how old was he when this pic taken, sure he doesn't do this anymore.I miss the dorky fun Totchi haha!

I'm so gonna post this as my FB picture

dozing green

I do not know how they do this but it's freaking cool!

mmmm blood

"Oh no not another Dir en grey related post".Cough shut up cough.Unfortunately my darling desktop is full of them..I mean stuff related to Diru.An award winning pv, this one.I kid you not.Won the MTV "Headbangers Ball".Yup.Oh I'm not gonna say the artistic value of the video, but some points that it's one of my favourites:

+ silhouette silhouette & more silhouette !you don't like silhouette ? boo
+ the stop motion!you should know by now I love this animation
+ the pretty video background.sure it's not all pretty flowers or landscapes, but I find 'em pretty anyways.

The video featuring some cells from a horror manga "The Drifting Classroom", from mangaka Kazuo Umezu.Read an interview, somewhere Kaoru mentioned something along these lines "kids these days do not appreciate good mangas". Yea they themselves chose this to be in the video. Kaoru ji-chan (Uncle Kaoru), I read them!It's indeed a haunting manga, not at all pleasant :|