December 30, 2009

thank you for the memories

wanted a brow ring because of him, Inoran.tsk tsk


cutie Inoran was chubby back then

the last video from my first ever JRock icon, Luna Sea. They disbanded in 2000. I (literally) depressed when I heard the news. I wouldn't say it's my fav music video, but this is best I've seen from them.Since it's nearly yea last post for the year. After them, I discovered a few others, Dir en grey included. They taught me Japanese through their music, expanded to art, culture & language.let's not forget FOOD. ありがとう, Luna Sea.

皆様のご健康をお祈り申し上げます ! Minasama no gokenkou o oinori moushiagemasu (Wishing everyone good health)

December 28, 2009


Oscar Wilde says..

the bald Billy Corgan used to intimidate me

love the costumes!
the beautiful Melissa Auf der Maur

The year was 2000. Among the first videos why-I-want-to-do-art-instead-of-deadboringformulasofmathsandscience - THIS. Saw it, loved it. It's in noir, my fav colour. Noir - Black in French. Surprise surprise!It's not a Japanese thing again, you may say. As long as it's artsy fartsy/my cup of tea - ♥. The make up. the props. the illustration. the framing of the video made it even more interesting.

Directed by English W.I.Z, a tribute for Oscar Wilde's Salomé. Inspired by original Salomé art (by Aubrey Beardsley).Beardsley
is a known artist during the Art Nouveau era, his style is dark erotic grotesque - google will be your answer. Billy Corgan stated this, "Stand inside your Love" is the only true love song he's ever written. The main character of the video, Yelena Yemchuk used to date him. sigh. I always wanted to do art video like this.

December 23, 2009


yea kid, you've got a jail to go to
the bishounens


favourite scene
this one too
definitely a fav!
*squeals* Kaoru-san's sexy tattoo "Despair of the Fault"

the sexy screamo part
Die looks good in red, always

鼓動 / Kodou - my jaw literally dropped when I first saw this video. First thought - THEY HAVE MATURED!and it made me a loyal fan girl ever since. Not to mention the song itself is sexy. The screamo part. The heavy guitar riff & distortion. The screamo again.Till today I still have this song as my ring tone. Kyo is a great performer.

Why this video is awesome -

  • The video tells a story.
  • The editing is superb, it's a fast jump cut. Hella lot of work.
  • Camera angles - can't have a better word for how much I'm liking the cinematography in here.
  • The lighting - loved how some parts are silhouettes of them rocking.
  • The song (duh!)
  • The story - homicidal teenager. Wait, yea pretty common nowadays but it's pretty much the connection between this and 朔 Saku sums up how much I loved the storyline.period.
  • did I mention this one too from Hiroyuki Kondo ?
Basically the story : the girl was raped. she hanged herself.the boy found her dead.they found him with the dead you know why.朔 Saku video is about him.